Don't Let Your Family be the Victim of an Unplanned Business!

"Business Continuity: 5 Steps to Protect Your Family" is a true story of a Family's ordeal after a Business Owner died unexpectedly. Many of the problems they dealt with didn't have to happen. The 2nd half of the book tells you what you can do now to make sure YOUR FAMILY is protected. The book sells for $9.95 on Amazon but you can get the E-Book version FREE here!

Business Ownership is full of risk, but some tragedies can be planned for. In this 33 page e-book you will be walked through a real-life tragedy that could happen to any business owner and the planning nightmare the family went through.

You will also learn why 8 of 10 businesses are exposed and:

  • A Five Step process to protect your family than can be completed within 15 days
  • Inexpensive solutions to massive problems
  • Where to go to learn from expert Advisors for free
  • What you or your spouse should do immediately to Protect your biggest asset.


Check out this 4 minute video I created from the book.


"This is EXACTLY what I have been telling my husband we need to do to protect the family. Thanks for making it so simple to follow.”

Jane S

Wife of an Business Owner

“I feel so bad for the family and the agony they went through. The same thing happened to my sister-in-law. So avoidable.”

Tracey G

Mom in a Family Business